How to Recycle Refrigerant?

How to Recycle Refrigerant?


For the refrigeration field, refrigerants play a vital role. Recycling the refrigerant can play a role in environmental protection and energy-saving. This article will specifically introduce the steps and methods of refrigerant recovery.

How to Recycle Refrigerant?
the steps and methods of refrigerant recovery

Currently, on the market, the technology for the use of refrigerants is very strong, but its recovery and utilization are neglected. Some refrigerants are directly exposed to the air, which will bring many adverse effects to the environment in which we live. The following are the steps and methods of refrigerant recovery.

Recycling steps

(1)Connect the manifold pressure gauge to the recovery machine and the automobile air conditioning system. Note that the refrigerant of the air conditioning system must be used to flush all connecting hoses before connecting to remove the air in the hoses.

(2)Connect the recycled steel cylinder to the recycling machine, and also remove the air in the hose.

(3)Connect the power supply, turn on the switch, and carry out the recovery operation and shutdown according to the instructions.

(4)Use a vacuum pump to vacuum the system.

(5)Fill the recovered refrigerant with the drying, filtering, and degreasing treatment into the recovery cylinder.

(6)Shut down, cut off the power, and remove all connecting pipes.

Cooling recovery

The refrigerant vapor can be cooled and liquefied. Dry ice can be used to cool and liquefy the refrigerant and then be recovered. This method is suitable for clean refrigerants.

The cooling method has an independent refrigeration cycle system, and the refrigerant in the recovery container is condensed into a liquid refrigerant in the evaporator. The refrigerant discharged from the automobile air conditioning system passes through a filter dryer to remove moisture and impurities. Remove the lubricating oil in the refrigerant through the oil separator and enter the recovery container. For occasions where the purity requirements of the refrigerant are not too strict, the recovered refrigerant can be refilled into the refrigerant system.

Compression recovery

Compress the refrigerant vapor into a liquid. The refrigerant discharged from the air-conditioning system passes through a filter dryer to remove moisture and impurities and is regulated by the suction pressure control valve. Part of the liquid refrigerant is stored in the liquid storage tank. The gaseous refrigerant enters the compressor and is compressed into high temperature and high-pressure gas. When passing through the oil separator, the frozen lubricating oil mixed with the refrigerant is separated and flows back to the compressor. The refrigerant enters the condenser to be cooled, and through the gas-liquid separator, the condensed liquid refrigerant flows to the recovery container, and part of the gaseous refrigerant in the recovery container is sucked by the compressor through the capillary tube.

The quality of the refrigerant will be impure during the recovery process, so it is best to regenerate the recovered refrigerant.

If the refrigerant can be recycled and used within the control range as much as possible, it can not only reduce the damage to the environment but also reduce the cost of the enterprise to a certain extent. If you want to know more about refrigerants after reading the above content, you can contact us for more detailed solutions, and we will provide you with professional consultation and services.

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