2 Ways to Charge Refrigerant Correctly

2 Ways to Charge Refrigerant Correctly


If you want to maintain the normal operation of the refrigeration system, you must add refrigerant. This article will specifically introduce two methods for correct charging of refrigerant.

2 Ways to Charge Refrigerant Correctly
the two main ways to charge refrigerant correctly

If the refrigeration system is to operate normally, it must be charged with refrigerant. Only the correct charging of refrigerant can reasonably control the refrigerant quantity so that the refrigeration system can achieve the best working effect. The following are the two main ways to charge refrigerant correctly.

Liquid filling method

The liquid refrigerant is charged much faster than the gas refrigerant. Because of this factor, large-scale on-site installation systems always use liquid to charge refrigerant. When adding liquid, there needs to be a liquid filling valve on the liquid pipeline, or a liquid filling connector, or a liquid reservoir outlet valve with a liquid filling port on the high-pressure side of the system. It is recommended to add liquid through a filter drier. To prevent any pollutants from entering the system due to negligence. It is not recommended to directly add liquid refrigerant through the inspection valve interface on the compressor suction and exhaust pipe for a long time, because this will cause damage to the compressor.

During the first installation, the entire system should be evacuated to a high vacuum. Weigh the refrigerant bottle and connect the filling pipe on the refrigerant bottle to the filling valve. Then remove the gas in the liquid filling pipe, and then open the liquid bottle valve and the liquid filling valve. The vacuum in the system will cause the liquid to be sucked through the filling port until the system pressure is equal to the pressure in the refrigerant bottle.

Close the outlet valve of the reservoir and start the compressor. Liquid refrigerant will now flow from the refrigerant bottle into the liquid pipe, passing through the evaporator, and accumulate in the condenser and receiver. In order to determine whether the charging flow has reached the requirements of the system, open the outlet valve of the accumulator, close the charging valve, and observe the operation of the system until the specified refrigerant is in the system. Weigh the refrigerant bottle again and record the charge of the system.

Pay close attention to the discharge pressure gauge. The rapid rise in pressure indicates that the condenser is filled with refrigerant liquid. And it has exceeded the pumping capacity of the system. If this happens, immediately stop filling from the liquid bottle and open the outlet valve of the liquid reservoir.

Gas filling method

When only a small amount of refrigerant up to 12 kg is required to be charged into the system, the gaseous charging method can be used, which has higher charging accuracy than the liquid method. During gas filling, a pressure gauge is usually installed in the compressor suction inspection valve port. Before charging, weigh the weight of the refrigeration bottle, and connect the pressure gauge valve tube with the suction and discharge inspection valves. And connect the public interface with the refrigerant bottle. Flush the gas in the pipeline, open the vapor valve of the refrigerant bottle, start the compressor, and use the pressure gauge pipe valve to adjust the charge.

In order to determine whether enough refrigerant has been added, close the valve of the refrigerant gas cylinder and observe the operation of the system. Continue to add refrigerant until it is properly charged. Then weigh the refrigerant bottle and record the weight of the refrigerant added to the system. During the filling process, pay attention to the exhaust pressure to ensure that the filling volume of the system is not too large.

When the refrigerant is being charged, the amount of refrigerant cannot be added or reduced at will. We also need to record the filling amount in time. If you feel that the above is not very effective for your help after reading the above content, you can also contact us for more detailed information and solutions.

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