How to Distinguish Inferior Refrigerants?

How to Distinguish Inferior Refrigerants?


There are many low-quality refrigerants on the market now, their purity is very low, and other gases are mixed, which is extremely harmful to the refrigeration system. This article will specifically introduce the method of identifying inferior refrigerants.

How to Distinguish Inferior Refrigerants?
the hazards of inferior refrigerants and how to distinguish them

Inferior refrigerants will affect the performance and stability of the system, and more seriously will cause damage to system components and compressors. The following are the hazards of inferior refrigerants and how to distinguish them.

The harm of inferior refrigerant

1. Counterfeit refrigerants are often the products of some small workshops, and all indicators fail to meet the requirements. Excessive acid ions and sulfide ions will accelerate the corrosion of the conduction tube of the freezer. If the aluminum tube is used, the corrosion rate will be very fast.

2. The formula ratio is not accurate, and there is no precision at all. It will cause unnecessary workload and damage to the parts of the compressor.

3. The refrigerant is not used completely, causing some harmful gases to flow into the freezer, and the consequences will be quite serious.

4. Excessive fluorine content in the refrigerant will cause leakage, which is very harmful to the ozone layer that humans depend on for survival.

5. Part of uneven quality mixed with combustible gas can easily cause freezer fire and explosion accidents.

The method of distinguishing inferior refrigerants

1. Connect the pressure gauge to test. If the measured pressure value is lower than the corresponding saturation pressure value at the ambient temperature by more than 2kg/f, the refrigerant can be judged to be unqualified, and it is strictly forbidden to use it!

For example, the ambient temperature is 20 degrees, the measured pressure value is 7.1kg/f, which is far lower than the saturation pressure value of 13.5kg/f that the refrigerant at this temperature should reach, then the refrigerant can be judged as unqualified.

2. Foam detection method. The foam detection method is effective for refrigerants containing corrosive gases such as monochloromethane, and the corrosion degree of the foam is related to the content of monochloromethane. The higher the content, the more obvious the effect and the lower the content. The less obvious the effect.

3. Turn the refrigerant tank upside down and release a small amount of refrigerant onto a piece of white paper. If there are obvious impurities or liquid water on the white paper, it means that the refrigerant is of poor quality and is not recommended. In addition, refrigerants that can be purchased through regular channels, such as refrigerants whose prices are significantly lower than the market prices, should arouse a high degree of vigilance.

4. If you have the testing conditions, it is recommended to test the purity and acidity of the refrigerant before using it. It is not recommended to use the refrigerant whose test results are significantly lower than the industry standard. Note: The purity of qualified R22 refrigerant should be greater than 99% (the purity of a good refrigerant is greater than 99.8%), and the acidity should be less than 0.0001.

5. During the system debugging and operation stage, no other abnormalities were found after inspection, and the refrigeration capacity was insufficient. If the dryer or expansion valve is clogged, and the clogging is yellow-brown wax-like or black sludge-like foreign matter, it is recommended to extract the refrigerant from the system for purity testing to troubleshoot the risk of inferior refrigerants.

Once it is discovered that the unit components or compressors fail due to the chemical pollution caused by the inferior refrigerant, the units that used the same source of refrigerant in the site (even if the unit can still work normally) also need to replace the refrigerant. If you still want to know more information related to refrigerants after reading the above, you can contact us for a more comprehensive solution. At the same time, the refrigerants we produce are in full compliance with the standards and are of excellent quality, which can meet your purchasing needs.

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