The Thermal Change Process of Refrigerant in the Refrigeration Cycle System

The Thermal Change Process of Refrigerant in the Refrigeration Cycle System


Many refrigeration equipment needs to rely on the heat change of the refrigerant in the refrigeration cycle system to maintain the effect of refrigeration. This article will specifically introduce the thermal change process of refrigerants in the refrigeration cycle system.

The Thermal Change Process of Refrigerant in the Refrigeration Cycle System
thermal change process of the refrigerant in the refrigeration cycle system

If the refrigeration equipment is to achieve the refrigeration effect, it is necessary for the refrigerant to show a complete thermal change process in the refrigeration cycle system. This process also determines whether the refrigeration effect can reach a good state. The following describes the entire thermal change process of the refrigerant in the refrigeration cycle system.

The refrigerant cycle system uses the refrigerant to absorb heat in the process of vaporizing from a liquid state to a vapor state, and the cooling medium reduces the temperature due to the loss of heat to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. The single-stage vapor compression refrigeration cycle system constructed according to the principle of vapor compression refrigeration is composed of pipes of different diameters and components in which the refrigerant changes in different states. Then it is connected in series into a closed-loop, and refrigerant is loaded into the system loop, and the refrigerant can circulate continuously in this loop.

The refrigerant undergoes four thermal changes in the system, which are called "state changes" in thermodynamics, to produce a continuous cooling effect. The four processes are compression, condensation, throttling, and evaporation, which are completed in sequence by four components.

Compression process

This process is completed by the compressor. It sucks the refrigerant vapor in the system into the cylinder, compresses it, increases its pressure, and then discharges it out of the cylinder to promote the circulation of refrigerant in the system. Therefore, its main task is to promote the flow of refrigerant in the system, which is the power source of the refrigerant. The compressor needs other power to drive it, which is usually done by an electric motor.

Condensation process

The process is completed by the condenser. The evaporated refrigerant discharges the absorbed heat out of the system in the condenser, while the refrigerant vapor is condensed into liquid so as to enter the evaporator through the throttle valve. Therefore, the condenser is a radiator. It is installed outdoors in order to discharge heat into the outdoor air.

Throttling process

The throttling process can also be considered a depressurization process. The refrigerant liquid needs to be regasified in the flow, and the pressure must be reduced. The method is to use throttling elements to reduce the flow rate, lower the pressure, and make the liquid refrigerant have expansion conditions.

Evaporation process

This is the process of gasification and heat absorption. After the refrigerant is throttled, it becomes a gas-liquid mixture, but the liquid accounts for the majority. The depressurized refrigerant liquid has been absorbing heat and vaporized during the flow of the evaporator, which is called boiling. Only this step is the thermal process of the refrigeration effect that we want to obtain, which is the ultimate goal of the refrigeration system. This process takes place in the evaporator. After that, the refrigerant that becomes gas is compressed and enters the condensation process.

The above-mentioned four thermodynamic processes are the basic processes to obtain the cooling effect, and the purpose of cooling cannot be achieved without any one of the processes. If you want to know more about refrigerants after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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