7 Precautions for Using Refrigerants

7 Precautions for Using Refrigerants


Refrigerants are usually stored in steel cylinders. There are many things that need to be paid attention to in the process of handling and use. This article will specifically introduce seven precautions for using refrigerants.

7 Precautions for Using Refrigerants
seven precautions for using refrigerants

Refrigerant is an indispensable refrigerant in the refrigeration system, and it is also a key condition for maintaining the normal operation of refrigeration equipment. Then the refrigerant is usually stored in a steel cylinder, and there are many things that need to be paid attention to in the process of handling and use. The following are seven precautions for using refrigerants.

1. The refrigerant should be stored in a special steel cylinder. The general maintenance department uses small and medium-sized refrigerant bottles, and the large maintenance department can use large storage bottles.

In order to avoid accidents such as explosions, there are a number of requirements for steel cylinders.

(1) Reliable quality

(2) The steel cylinder containing the refrigerant should be placed upright and placed in a cool place

(3) Keep away from fire

(4) It cannot collide

In addition, the valve of the large steel cylinder should be protected with a cap or iron cover to avoid damage to the valve due to collisions and other reasons during the transportation process.
2. When you need to fill the small steel cylinder with refrigerant through a large steel bottle, you must first connect the two bottle mouths with a filling pipe, put the large bottle down, raise its tail appropriately, and apply warm water or a towel to the large steel bottle during rapid filling. , It is strictly forbidden to use fire to roast, otherwise it may cause the refrigerant cylinder to explode. In addition, you should close the valve whenever you run out of cylinders.

3. Avoid spraying the refrigerant on the skin during use, especially in the eyes.

4. If the concentration of refrigerant R22 in the air exceeds 20%, it will smell peculiar. If the concentration exceeds 80%, it will cause suffocation, and when the temperature exceeds 400℃, it may produce toxic substances when encountering an open flame.

5. When the concentration of refrigerant R134a in the air reaches a certain value, it will irritate human skin and eyes.

6. The explosion limit of refrigerant R600a is 1.9%~9.4% (volume). If it exceeds this limit, it will easily explode after encountering special circumstances such as open flames. Since refrigerant R600a is heavier than air, if the refrigeration system leaks and the concentration of refrigerant R600a in the air is high, it will burn and explode after encountering an open flame. Therefore, the maintenance site must not only be level, but also well ventilated, free of flammable materials, and It is best to have a fire extinguisher.

7. The refrigerant should be cooled when it is pumped out of the system and pressed into the cylinder. Generally, it is appropriate to fill 60% of the cylinder. When repacking or charging refrigerant, the room must be unblocked, and the operator must wear gloves and glasses to prevent accidental frostbite.

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