The Precautions for Refrigerant Storage and Sub-packaging

The Precautions for Refrigerant Storage and Sub-packaging


If the operation is improper in refrigerant storage and sub-packaging, it will cause refrigerant leakage. This article will specifically introduce the precautions for refrigerant storage and sub-packaging.

The Precautions for Refrigerant Storage and Sub-packaging
the specific operation of pumping out the refrigerant

Once some refrigerants leak and diffuse into the atmosphere, they will cause serious environmental pollution, so the refrigerant must be stored tightly. Generally speaking, refrigerants are stored in pressure vessel cylinders. In order to better control and transport the amount of refrigerant, some refrigerants stored in large steel cylinders must be sub-packed. However, whether it is storage or repackaging, the following precautions must be followed.

Storage precautions

(1) Cylinders storing refrigerants must undergo a pressure test and be inspected regularly.

(2) Cylinders should be stored in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight, and avoid close to high temperatures. Knocking is prohibited during transportation and should be handled with care to prevent an explosion.

(3) Keep away from fire sources when charging refrigerant. Do not discharge into the room at will, especially when there is an open fire in the room, HFC refrigerant will produce phosgene in case of fire and cause people to be poisoned.

(4) Take labor protection measures, such as wearing gloves and glasses, to prevent frostbite.

(5) There should be absolutely no chronic leakage in the cylinder valve, and the valve should be regularly leak tested.

(6) Air circulation should be ensured in the room, and ventilation equipment should be installed. Once the refrigerant leaks, it should be ventilated immediately.

(7) Different refrigerants should use fixed special steel cylinders, and steel cylinders containing different refrigerants should not be interchanged. The outside of the bottle should be marked with an obvious product name, quantity, and quality card to prevent mistakes.

(8) The ammonia bottle is painted yellow and the freon cylinder is painted silver-gray, and the name of the stored refrigerant is marked on the cylinder.

(9) When the refrigerant in the cylinder is used up, the control valve should be closed immediately to avoid leakage of air and water vapor.

Precautions for sub-packaging
(1) The vial also needs to be subjected to pressure test and leak test. The vials should be dried before filling, and the weight should be marked on the outside of the bottle.

(2) Put the big bottle upside down and stand it up. The vial is placed on the scale, and the copper tube should be connected with a flexible connection to reduce the impact on the weighing. An ice tray or cold water tray can be placed under the vial.

(3) Open the large bottle valve first, and then open the small bottle valve when filling. When the filling volume is reached, the large bottle valve should be closed first, and then the small bottle valve should be closed after applying a hot cloth to the connecting tube.

(4) The filling volume of the vial should not exceed 70%~80% of the full volume.

(5) After filling, close the valves of the large and small bottles and remove the connecting pipes, check the weight of the vials, and seal the valve ports of the large and small bottles with sealing caps.

Whether it is storage or sub-packaging, we must always conduct leak detection tests on refrigerants. If leaks are found, we must deal with them in time. If you want to know more about refrigerants after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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