What Are the Requirements for Choosing an Ideal Refrigerant?

What Are the Requirements for Choosing an Ideal Refrigerant?


The ideal refrigerant can not only be put into use safely but also can keep the refrigeration equipment with a good cooling effect. Today, let’s talk about the requirements for choosing ideal refrigerants.

What Are the Requirements for Choosing an Ideal Refrigerant?
the requirements for choosing ideal refrigerants

The nature of the refrigerant will directly affect the type, structure, size, and operating characteristics of the refrigerator, as well as the form of the refrigeration cycle, equipment structure, and economic and technical performance. Therefore, the rational choice of refrigerant is a very important issue. Generally, the performance requirements of refrigerants need to be considered from the following two aspects: physical and chemical properties.

Physical characteristics

1. The evaporation pressure should be high

If the evaporation pressure of the refrigerant is lower than the atmospheric pressure, the air is likely to invade the system, and system processing is more difficult. Therefore, it is hoped that the evaporation pressure of the refrigerant can be higher than the atmospheric pressure when the refrigerant evaporates at a low temperature.

2. The latent heat of evaporation should be large

The large latent heat of evaporation of the refrigerant means that a large amount of heat can be absorbed by using less refrigerant.

3. The critical temperature should be higher

High critical temperature means that the condensation temperature of the refrigerant is high, and normal temperature air or water can be used to cool the refrigerant to achieve the effect of condensation and liquefaction.

4. The condensing pressure should be low

The low condensing pressure means that the refrigerant can be liquefied with a lower pressure, and the compression ratio of the compressor is small, which can save the horsepower of the compressor.

5. The freezing temperature should be low

The freezing point of the refrigerant should be low, otherwise, the refrigerant freezes in the evaporator and cannot circulate.

6. The specific volume of gaseous refrigerant is smaller

The smaller the specific volume of the gaseous refrigerant, the better, the compressor volume can be reduced to reduce the cost, and the suction pipe and the exhaust pipe can use smaller refrigerant pipes.

7. The density of liquid refrigerant should be high

The higher the density of the liquid refrigerant, the smaller the liquid pipe can be.

Chemical properties

1. Stable chemical properties

The evaporation temperature will vary with the application temperature. For example, the evaporation temperature of the ice water machine is about 0~5℃. In the refrigeration cycle system, the refrigerant has only physical changes, but no chemical changes, and it does not decompose.

2. Non-corrosive

It is non-corrosive to steel and metal, and ammonia is corrosive to copper. Therefore, copper pipe piping should not be used in ammonia refrigeration systems; the insulation should be good, otherwise, it will damage the insulation of the compressor motor. Therefore, ammonia should not be used in closed compressors to avoid contact with the copper coil.

3. No environmental pollution

It is harmless to the natural environment, does not destroy the ozone layer, and has a low greenhouse effect.

4. Non-toxic.

5. Not explosive and combustible.

6. High cycle performance coefficient

We expect that the condensation pressure of the refrigerant is not too high, the evaporation pressure is above atmospheric pressure or not too much lower than atmospheric pressure, the pressure is relatively moderate, the exhaust temperature is not too high, the unit volume refrigeration capacity is large, the cycle performance coefficient is high, and the heat transfer is good.

7. Environmental acceptability

The refrigerant should meet the environmental protection requirements of protecting the ozone layer and reducing greenhouse benefits. The ozone destruction index of the refrigerant must be 0, and the greenhouse benefit index should be as small as possible.

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