Common Misunderstandings and Safety Issues of Air-conditioning Refrigerants

Common Misunderstandings and Safety Issues of Air-conditioning Refrigerants


In this article, FOTECH has sorted out the common misunderstandings and safety issues of air-conditioning refrigerants for your reference.

the common misunderstandings and safety matters in the use of air-conditioning refrigerants

With the increase in the use of air-conditioning refrigerants, the topic of use safety has also received more and more attention. In practical applications, there are still some businesses and consumers who have misunderstandings about the safe use of air-conditioning refrigerants, resulting in improper operation during refrigerant charging. FOTECH has sorted out the common misunderstandings and safety matters in the use of air-conditioning refrigerants for everyone.

Cognitive misunderstanding

1. Air conditioner needs to add refrigerant every year

In the process of using an air conditioner, it is not necessary to add refrigerant every year. After the air conditioning equipment is properly installed, there is no need to add refrigerant during the service life without leakage points and equipment refrigeration failures.

2. Refrigerant charging can be done empirically

The air conditioner charging volume of each model is different, and each refrigerant also has its corresponding safety technical description. Therefore, do not charge air conditioner refrigerants only by experience! Charging refrigerants should be operated by professional technicians.

Safety precautions for charging refrigerant

When charging refrigerants, professionals need to pay attention to safety precautions.

1. In normal operation:

(1) Be very careful when entering confined areas or rooms, high concentrations of refrigerant accumulation, low oxygen concentration levels may cause death.

(2) Operators should wear suitable PPE (gloves, goggles, etc.) to prevent contact with refrigerant liquid or vapor.

(3) Skin/eye contact with refrigerant liquid or vapor may cause frostbite or irritation. In case of skin contact, rinse the affected area with warm water, do not use hot water; if frostbite occurs, seek medical attention immediately.

(4) In case of eye contact, keep eyelids open, rinse immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes, and seek medical attention immediately.

2. For weakly flammable (A2L) refrigerants, additional attention should be paid:

(1) Maintain ventilation to ensure that the concentration does not accumulate within the upper and lower combustion limits of the refrigerant

(2) Use non-sparking tools for operation

(3) It is recommended to use electrostatic grounding in the operating field

(4) Use explosion-proof equipment to transfer A2L refrigerants

(5) Keep away from heat or fire

(6) Do a good job of vacuum during system maintenance

(7) The bottle valve joint may be different (A2L type refrigerant bottle valve is left-hand tightened)

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