What Kinds of Refrigerants Are Commonly Used in Air Energy Heat Pumps?

What Kinds of Refrigerants Are Commonly Used in Air Energy Heat Pumps?


This article will specifically introduce the types of refrigerants commonly used in air energy heat pumps to help you make better use of these refrigerants.

What Kinds of Refrigerants Are Commonly Used in Air Energy Heat Pumps?
the types of refrigerants commonly used in air energy heat pumpseffect of refrigerants

When it comes to refrigerants, most people first think of air conditioners. Indeed, as far as daily life is concerned, air conditioners are installed in almost every household, and the frequency of application is quite high. However, today we are not talking about air conditioners, but air energy heat pumps that have similar principles to air conditioners.

Air conditioners are mainly used for refrigeration, and air energy heat pumps are mainly used for heating. The heating principle of the heat pump is actually the inverse principle of air conditioning and refrigeration, which absorbs the heat energy in the air through the refrigerant. So if we want to realize this kind of heating function, we have to choose the corresponding high-quality refrigerant, the commonly used types are as follows.

R22 refrigerant

R22 is a single refrigerant, its scientific name is difluoro-chloromethane, and its boiling point is about -41°C. This kind of refrigerant is colorless and odorless and is the most widely used in air conditioning systems, especially in split air conditioning and central air conditioning systems, which can be said to be everywhere. However, it has one of the biggest shortcomings, that is, it is actually a member of the Freon family. When discharged into the air, it may damage the ozone layer and cause environmental problems.

R134a refrigerant

The composition of R134a is different from that of other refrigerants. It does not contain chloride ions, is not toxic, is not flammable in the air, and does not cause damage to the ozone layer. It seems perfect, but its boiling point is relatively low, only -26.5°C, which means that if it is used in a heat pump, once the ambient temperature drops, the amount of vaporization of this refrigerant will be greatly reduced. As a result, the heating efficiency of the heat pump is reduced. Therefore, this refrigerant is not as widely used as R22 and is generally used indoors or in the tropics.

R410a refrigerant

R140A refrigerant is an environmentally friendly refrigerant developed by scientists for the deteriorating environment. It is similar to R134A, colorless, volatile, and non-flammable. The composition contains R32 and R125 refrigerants, the boiling point is about -51°C, does not contain chloride ions, and does not destroy the ozone layer. The water solubility is indistinguishable from R22, but the cooling capacity has been significantly improved.

R290 refrigerant

R290 is another new environmentally friendly refrigerant, colorless, slightly soluble in water, and free of ozone. But the safety factor is not high enough. If it is mixed with air, there is a certain probability that it will explode. If it encounters an open flame, it is easy to cause accidents. At present, the industry is accustomed to using high-purity R290 refrigerant as the temperature sensing working fluid.

Judging from the current emphasis on energy conservation and environmental protection, the development of air-energy heat pump refrigerants is also following the idea of environmental protection and pollution-free. In the future air energy heat pump market, environmentally friendly refrigerants will surely occupy a place. As an expert in refrigerant research for many years, Fotech can give you some professional advice to a certain extent.

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