Why Use R410a Instead of Refrigerant R22 in the Application of Household Air Conditioner?

Why Use R410a Instead of Refrigerant R22 in the Application of Household Air Conditioner?


This article will specifically introduce the reasons why R410A replaces R22 for your reference.

Why Use R410a Instead of Refrigerant R22 in the Application of Household Air Conditioner?
the reasons why R410A replaces R22

In the refrigeration cycle system, the refrigerant performs gas-liquid conversion through the work of the compressor and goes through the process of the endothermic-vaporization-compression-liquefaction-endothermic cycle to "transport" indoor and outdoor heat.

Different types of compressors are designed with different refrigerants, and the refrigerants widely used in household air conditioners are R22 and R410a.

The chemical name of R22 is difluoromonochloromethane, which is one of the freons and belongs to hydrochlorofluorocarbons. At present, in the use of air conditioners, R22 refrigerant still accounts for the largest proportion, mainly used by some old-fashioned air conditioners. Because R22 refrigerant contains a "cl" element, it has great harm to the ozone layer. It is currently being phased out.

R410A refrigerant belongs to one of the currently positioned environmentally friendly refrigerants. It is composed of two quasi-azeotropic mixtures, mainly composed of hydrogen, fluorine, and carbon elements. It has the characteristics of stability, non-toxicity, and superior performance.

At the same time, because it does not contain chlorine, it will not react with ozone, nor will it destroy the ozone layer. In addition, the performance of air conditioners using new refrigerants will also be improved to a certain extent. R410A is the most suitable refrigerant to replace R22 so far internationally recognized and has been popularized in Europe, America, Japan, and other countries.

Next, let's compare the features and performance between R410A and R22:

1. R410A is low toxicity, R22 is slightly toxic, and it will be more secure in terms of safety in use.

2. For environmental hazards, the ozone layer destruction coefficient of R410A is 0, and the ozone layer destruction coefficient of R22 is 0.05. Therefore, the R410A refrigerant is more advantageous.

3. When using R410A, the total heat transfer characteristic of the system is larger than that of R22, so the system efficiency can be improved and the heat transfer area of the heat exchanger can be reduced. The air conditioner is smoother to use and less likely to malfunction.

Although it is said that R410A refrigerant is more environmentally friendly and superior than R22, the standard refrigerant model on the compressor must be used in the maintenance and addition. It is not allowed to add R410a refrigerant to the air conditioner marked with R22, which will cause the compression of the air conditioner. damage to the machine. When purchasing an air conditioner, try to choose an air conditioner that uses a new type of environmentally friendly refrigerant.

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