What Should We Do when the Refrigerant Leaks?

What Should We Do when the Refrigerant Leaks?


Based on years of experience, Fotech introduces the handling principles and methods for refrigerant leakage in this article for your reference.

What Should We Do when the Refrigerant Leaks?
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The refrigerant is a working substance that continuously circulates in the refrigeration system and changes its state to achieve refrigeration. Without refrigerant, refrigeration equipment cannot perform its functions. When the refrigerant leaks, if it is not remedied in time according to the following treatment principles and steps, it is likely to cause many safety accidents.

Handle principle

(1) Since many refrigeration systems are located in densely populated areas and the refrigerant charge is relatively large, in the event of a large amount of refrigerant leakage, the accident should be minimized and the impact of the accident should be reduced, and public safety must be put first.

(2) When refrigerant leakage occurs in the air-conditioning and refrigeration system of the computer room, the first thing to do is to block the leakage point immediately and report to the safety production management personnel immediately.

(3) In order to prevent a large amount of refrigerant from leaking, it is necessary to cut off the connection between the accident equipment and the system. For areas that may be affected by refrigerant leakage, immediately extinguish all open flames, turn off the power supply, and transfer residents and non-rescue personnel. The wounded should be actively rescued and an ambulance should be contacted immediately.

(4) After refrigerant leakage occurs, as much water as possible should be injected into the leakage point to dilute the refrigerant and absorb refrigerant vapor.

Handle steps

(1) Emergency shutdown and cut off the main power supply of the machine room.

(2) Put on protective clothing and oxygen breathing apparatus quickly, and report to the safety production management department.

(3) Quickly close the valve between the pipeline (equipment) where the refrigerant leaks and other pipelines (equipment), and cut off the connection between the leaking part and other parts.

(4) Spray as much water as possible to the leaking point, and plug the leaking point with corks, pipe clamps, and other appliances.

(5) Under the guidance of safety production managers and technicians, try to extract the oxygen liquid in the leaking pipeline or equipment as much as possible.

(6) If necessary, smash the glass door of the emergency refrigerant box, open the water valve, refrigerant valve, high-pressure reservoir, intercooler, low-pressure circulation reservoir, and drain the liquid from the rain barrel.

(7) Report to the safety production management department for approval, and repair welding under the premise of ensuring safety.

(8) Perform pressure tests, and normal production can be resumed after passing the test.

(9) Make emergency repair records and cooperate with accident investigation.

(10)Inform the operating personnel to perform air venting operations immediately when normal production is resumed.

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