PTFE Free Flow (Pelletized) Resin
PTFE Free Flow (Pelletized) Resin
PTFE Free Flow (Pelletized) Resin

Item specifics

PTFE compounds with specific fillers



PTFE Free Flow (Pelletized) Resin

PTFE FT-4A2 and SF-001A is virgin granular free flow resin grade. It is designed for automatic, compression or isostatic molding.. Many end products are fabricated and machining them into desired shapes. Examples include parts such as seals, discs, ball valve seats, and lab ware, large diameter rods mechanical bushings, electrical insulators, seal rings, etc.

PTFE Material Applications

  • 1.Make molding rod, tube, plate, suitable for automatic extrusion.

Packing, Storage & Transportation

  • Packed with sealed PVC bag, load in waterproof paper drum. The net weight is 25

  • Not classified as hazardous for transport. During transportation and storage, avoid heavy shaking, and prevent from heating. It is better to load in refrigerator during transportation. kg per drum.

  • It should stock in clean, cool and dry warehouse, prevent from agglomeration and contamination.

Main Technical Properties

Appearance White powder, no impuritiesWhite powder, no impurities
Tensile strength, Mpa 22.5 30
Elongation at break, %≥ 275300
Bulk density, g/L 750±150850
Average size, d50 µ m 401-600400-500
Moisture, % ≤ 0.020.02
Melting point, °C 327±5327±5
Standard relative density 2.13 ~ 2.192.13 ~ 2.19
Thermal Instability Index, ≤ 3030
Product characters: Can make multi-angle automatic molding products.The partial size is round and has good fluidity. It can mix with other resin.